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On-site and Virtual Classes

Providing individual, small and large group classes on-site or virtually. Over 20 practical and timely subjects relating to senior living are provided.

I Can Help You To:
Organize Your Irreplaceable Photo and Slide Collection

Providing consultation services allows you to organize one of your most important family possessions-your family photos - so you're prepared, no matter what happens.

Conduct a Leaving Your Legacy Seminar

What steps do you need to take to Leave Your Digital Legacy?. This seminar addresses topics ranging from Digital Asset protection Plans to Legacy Letters.

Develop a Digital Asset Protection Plan

More than 65 percent of Americans do not have a written estate in place, let alone an estate plan that addresses your digital assets. Not having access to digital assets can bring untold anxiety to a family. Learn how to organize your digital (online) assets and compile a plan to link to your estate or trust.